Julia Cohen

Bird, Bring Me That Finger

with the tied twine
a syllable of labor

The outstretched match
red-capped & wooden
& oxygen-clutching

But I gather light nor
heat nor claw will keep

Dress of intricate patterns:
blue candy wrappers, pollen
an invitation viewed through a veil

But if I keep asking you or throw
a cute command what
lock is cut?

Three red bees the last
pages of pity, feed them
to the web

Naked & washing dishes

Drag the white bone
as a souvenir fire

Julia Cohen is the author of Triggermoon Triggermoon (Black Lawrence Press, 2011) and her work has or is appearing in journals like Colorado Review, jubilat, 6x6, and Octopus. She is the Associate Editor of the Denver Quarterly.

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