Emily Pettit


Someone explains how to cook something.
Someone else does not listen. In the lake
look at how the fish are not cooking
anything. At the bottom and in other
places there is no cooking. It takes geography.
It eliminates it. When I am having toast
I keep not having toast. What would be
a liberation? A blue screw in the cement wall.
Orange. I’ve got my telephone. My telephone
does telephone calls. I was waiting again.
My heart beats fast fast fast. Is your heart
beating fast? A pattern of frequent worry.
Pick up geography. Wanting a new big easier.
Take me out. When the glass shatters,
it shatters too far. I have will. Where has it gone.
How you might want to show what you know.
Sometimes you go out there. At least as far as
your window can see. Or rather, no farther than
a window your window can see. Why not
want your own window? Want water. Want
water where you are. You want get struck
with a change. I go I go I go. But come back
come back come back.

Emily Pettit is the author of two chapbooks How (Octopus Books) and What Happened to Limbo (Pilot Books). She is an editor for notnostrums and Factory Hollow Press. Her first full-length book, GOAT IN THE SNOW, is forthcoming from Birds LLC.