Zack Haber

Man and His Glasses

A man lost his glasses so he looked for his glasses. Without his glasses on. Everything was blurry.

So he picked up this and he looked under that. And he looked behind those things. And he picked up one of these things and he put it on his glasses. And they shattered into pieces. And he stepped upon the pieces.

The blood dripped from his feet and past the clear unto the floor. He decided to run to a hospital.

He ran into this. And he ran into that. With his bloody feet. Now nose. Now ears. Now eyes. Now mouth. Body.

And the trees are so bloody now and so is the grass. The cars and the street, the poles that hold up signs.

And the floor of the hospital. Such a bloody mess. Who will tip the janitor?

Zack Haber lives in Oakland. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Moria, Inch, Margie, Plain Spoke, and the book To Carry You Being.

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