RM O'Brien

New Verses to Gregory Corso's "Power"

     A hat is Power
     —G. C.

Power is not threatened by the speed of light
Power is powered by immutable limits
excited undarkling movement towards the limit
I am talking about Power

Greatness is not so much Power as it used to be
Greatness is old Power
Emptiness is the new Power of choice!

Once I was Power for a whole year
I slept under my brother's bed in his dorm room
I own'd nothing but a computer Chester found in the dumpster then it broke
I lost all my poems
then I quit my job and I really had nothing—
All the while I was dogg'd by a godlike Power
saying Come home to me & claim me as yr own true self
& sometimes speaking my name in public places
making me look crazy

Melanie got a boot on her car and then she really had nothing
crying upset nervous broke down sitting in her Volvo—
going nowhere in boring parking lot Power!

We spent all our money on a round-trip jet airplane ride
Now that is Power!

Flying home struck by a heavy turbulence Power child laughing at death
Lights going out Melanie chanting for divine saving Power
Me singing quietly Take me Death Take all my Power
I will come home to Death's lasting Power—I sang this to whichever gods were tuning in

O but such a Power as hangs an airplane in the sky
desires not to snip the strings
with man seated fast among the clouds

& now six years later typing these belated verses
trying to wrestle Power back from the transhuman imagination
Corso's slow-winking cloud-eye scanning everywhere for Power
& I say It's me I am yr Power
I am the Powerful one you have been waiting for if you'v been waiting
I am the hip modern Power & I can see Power
Power fixes her hair in a car's sideview mirror
Power carries nothing in her pockets walking late at night through Baltimore alone
I see her now beautiful Power!

Dogs that never stop barking is Power
Quitting yr job in a recession is Power
Writing new verses to an old perfect poem is Power
Absurdity is Power
Giving away all yr Power to Death or a charlatan is Power
The body is Power
& abandonment of the body is Power

RM O'Brien lives in Baltimore with his wife and son, subsisting solely on Mountain Dew, a multi-vitamin, & fruits from the Tree of Life. When he wakes up his face is radiant with the light of the True Guru.

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