Ian White

"Get Your Boots on, Pamela, It’s Party Time!"

Have you ever been to a party?
I have been to many parties!
I try to go to all the parties that party-party.

One time I was at a party,
and I got drenched! in party
drinks – because that is what is a party.

Another time I was at a party,
and I found out that “two or three people kissed at the party.”
But I think that was just party-
talk for those parti-
cipating out in the party-
erre where was the “real-party!”.

In general, a party is made up of two great things: party!
and fun!. They are at all the parties.

Here is a party
favor for you at this party:
I will talk about my favorite oh!-it-was-fun!-party:

There were two party
persons: Ben and Craig-the-Party-
Boy. The Ben person hit the Craig-the-Party-
Boy person after the “Happy Birth-Party”
song, during the dance part(y).
This whole guilty party
thing started because the Ben person’s party-
girl seemed like she was absolutely made of parties
because the party
lights made her stinsel hair party-
fall up and down like a party
of water, and they drank up her part(icularl)y
lemony skin. The Ben person was much a party
to her and saw the Craig-the-Party-Boy person’s part-eyes
part-watching her party.
So the Ben person began parti
ng the crowd to the Craig-the-Party-Boy person, even part(wa)y
pushing. The Ben Person said “Hey! That’s my inamor-at-a-party!,”
and everyone at the party stopped! the party
while the Craig-the-Party-Boy said “That’s just a parti-
pris, bub, you’re just a misogynist parti-
san-poop!” The Ben person then partied

his arm to the Craig-the-Party-Boy person’s face parti-
cal-izing the Craig-the-Party-Boy person’s face apart-y
(The Tim person yelled: “Parry! Parry! OH WAIT CAN’T CAUSE IT’S A FULL PARTY!”)
The lemony blood impart(i)-
ed fun gore from out the part(i)
ed mouth of the Craig-the-Party-
Boy person. The Craig-the-Party-Boy person’s lemony hand hung down, parti-
tioning the slender cracks in the wooden floor dirt-party.

And wow! That was a great party!

Haha well now I’m floor-sleeping and ear-mouth-bleeding at the party,
waiting for mom to part(y)-
her-lips-kiss me goodnight and for it to not be anymore a party.

I am tired and want to go home.

Ian White lives in Baltimore, MD. 


  1. Roflskates, truly inspiring work.

  2. Quite the party, genuis if but part(l)y
    is genius whole... smartie.

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