Kyle Flak

* (from Documenting Everything)

the radio announcer is reminding me that i will need a passport in order to go to the montreal jazz festival / i think i’d like to be the sort of person who is “always heading off to jazz festivals” / it’d be nice if it got to the point where when people knock on my door and i don’t answer, they’d probably say, “oh that kyle i bet he’s at one of those jazz festivals again” / but it’d be sad if it got to the point where people stopped contacting me altogether / “why bother? surely he is attending a festival / one of those jazz music festivals he’s always going to” / today i almost bought a copy of the film weekend at bernie’s / i had to use much of my daily allotment of discipline in order to leave the store w/o actually buying it / even now, i am glancing @ the clock: / is there enough time to go back to the store? / could i actually buy weekend at bernie’s / and watch it tonight on my television set at home? / the truth is i don’t even know what the movie is about / i just saw two goofballs on the cover making odd gestures / gestures that said, “yes, we’ve gotten ourselves into a bit of a pickle haven’t we? but, aw, shucks, isn’t that what the joy of living is all about????” / and i chuckled out loud in the store until the clerks all turned to look at me / i was remembering some “pickles” of my own! / and i desperately wanted to watch the two goofballs on the cover / in the privacy of my own home / as they showed me / what the best days of my life / were really like /

Kyle Flak's recent books are Harmonica Days (New Sins Press, 2009) and The Secret Admirer (Adastra Press, 2010).

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