Tess Patalano

Reality TV I Love What You're Doing For My Hair

When I say I don't want these bones anymore
I mean destroy the lifeboat's remnants

When I say aggravation, worsening, or exacerbation
I mean uneasiness entered through a fish eye

When I say I miss my mother
I mean what a strange door

When I say arm sex
I mean continue sewing

When I say the associates are sick
I mean graffiti strewn throughout the Hamptons

When I say I'm death's daughter
I mean I'm thinking about kissing you

When I say hooks and eyes
I mean eyesores and blinds

When I say grey soaks into white
I mean a raging, pumping, heap

When I say kill me already you black masked freak
I mean if midnight were a color it would be a forest

When I say I'm fine
I mean less honey, more salt

Tess Patalano received her MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She has been published in Transfer, Generations and is forthcoming in PANK. She lives in Brooklyn with a male human and a female dog.

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