Lauren Bender

from Whale Box

In the whale it stands to reason that
Imaginary numbers are real
I am so afraid of being afraid
That even the richest coffee in the world
Crafted by Colombian artisans,
Can't bring me back.

Scientists call this"poems written on the day of the reading.
"Whenever an individual forms an asymmetrical
Friendship bracelet, there will necessarily be
Other ideas toward the world, like friendship pants,
Friendship tankini suits with friendship soft cups,
Friendship onesies,
Friendship traditional Mayan garb,
Friendship fanny packs.

One project is to weave a full friendship wardrobe
For no one in particular.
Another is to weave a friendship gun.
A third is to weave a letter of apology
For the time it takes to weave the letter.

Lauren Bender’s chapbook-length poem, “Whale Box” was published by PGP in October 2007. It featured a potato-printed cover of whales and boxes. It is now out of print but will be available online soon. A writer and performer, she blogs occasionally.

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