Jac Jemc

surely a mother knows the slow leak and quiet calm of growing something and saying goodbye, the slow seeping, the pushing of water around the face, the slow growth, the quick absence, the pushing of that water around as a distraction, as misdirection, look, the slow seep starts there, the steeping tears brimming the growth, the growing water quickly dividing itself, multiplying and dividing itself, the water, the growth, halving and then halving, having growth and then dividing oneself from it with goodbye, the quiet calm of growing, of mothering, of by and by

Jac Jemc sells books and writes in Chicago. She is the poetry editor of decomP and a fiction reader for Our Stories. Her two tiny books include Hospitable Madness (Featherproof Books) and A Heaven Gone (ml Press). Her work is forthcoming in JMWW, Dewclaw, Gander Press Review and Handsome. She blogs her rejections at

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