Sasa Ibramigov

Interview with Bill Janowitz


Thanks for the email. I've been tweaking the blog a lot lately, and I'm glad to hear that you checked it out. See like I just changed it again right now. I added an events page that we can use to put up info about some crazy parties. Like then when we have the New Year's Party and somebody doesn't know the address to Tony's house now they can look it up there.

ANYWAY, DK, Dangerous Kid, I went and I saw Buffalo Tom last night with Randy and let me tell you, I can't even tell you how great they were. And I WANT to tell you, because you're the only other Buffalo Tom fan that's worth any damn thing because unlike the Rand you liked them before you saw them live, that's right before you saw them live (which you still haven't done), but I CAN'T tell you how good they were because I'm no, like, Lord Tennyson, right, I ain't got that control of language. But get this, they did every single song I wanted to hear, some songs I didn't know I wanted to hear and then they did Husker Du songs with Grant Hart and they did a Who song ("The Seeker") but not with Townsend—but still it was . . . I mean you know?

And check it out, Mistra Absent, THEN we saw Bill and Chris just you know hanging out in this bar, The Gingerbread Man, sittin' back playin' some tunes for a handful of goofballs like ME, yes ME, and I was like, "Hey, Bill, I'm glad I finally got the chance to see you guys play. I liked it a lot." And he was all, "You mean this or . . . oh, over at Metro." He was talkin' about when did I see them play, their concert at Metro or right now, when they were fooling around with some Bob Seger songs and "Jesus Gonna Be Here" and The Stones while we were all just sitting around in The Gingerbread Man Bar. Then some drunk guy who had been telling me all about how Murmur is THE BEST ALBUM IN THE WORLD gave Bill a big hug. And Bill said, "Oh, hey, that's nice."

Anyway talk at you later,

Sasa Ibramigov’s book of interviews (which are really non-fiction poems) is forthcoming from Wichita Hunger Press.

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