Justin Sirois


The Jolan hemorrhages with olives, oily bread, brake pads, shoes shined with butter and ink, chicken pens with chickens thrashing rabid – and hovering silver trays like spaceships, tea kettles, tea glasses, tea – motorbikes backfiring, cabbage choking tailpipes, Mountain Dew drizzling through gutters, and children, dozens of shoe-less children pitting dates. Their fingers look shit-stained, but it’s just date juice.

I smell it in my sleep.

The market.

Men milking sickles.

The unemployed barber, General, welder, masseur.

Justin Sirois is the author of Secondary Sound and co-runs Narrow House Press. His book MLKNG SCKLS, which is “deleted scenes” from his novel Falcons on the Floor, about about two men fleeing Fallujah, Iraq in April 2004, will be published by PGP in June. He posts daily photos from Iraq at his blog.

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