Scott Daughtridge


These were murderers and they were thirsty. Some killed one person, some killed many—lovers, strangers, police, children, family members, friend and enemies. Some had one last drink, some had multiple. Some were laid to rest with sweet sweet sugar on their lips, some were parched and cracking from the inside out. By drinking their last drink, they were offering peace with their executioners—or so the executioners wanted to believe. An executioner once said he hears the voices of those he’s killed before he falls asleep, that they chant, “Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry. Drink it til it’s dry.”

Serial killer, rapist—Decapitation by guillotine—White wine
Mass murder organizer—Hanging—Israeli wine
Serial killer—Hanging—Hot chocolate
Serial killer—Lethal injection—Black coffee
Serial killer—Lethal injection—Sweet tea
Murderer—Lethal injection—Two 20 ounce Cherry Cokes
Murderer—Firing squad—Three shots of Jack Daniels
Murderer—Electrocution—Twelve pack of grape soda
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Coke
Serial killer, rapist—Lethal injection—Three six packs of Coke and Pepsi
Murderer—Electrocution—Thirty-two ounces of A&W root beer
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Cherry Coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Pepsi
Murderer—Lethal injection—Black coffee, milk
Murderer—Lethal injection—Two cans of Dr. Pepper
Murderer—Lethal injection— Black coffee, milk, iced tea with real sugar
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Two cans of coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Vanilla milkshake
Murderer—Lethal injection—Two cans of Coke
Murderer—Electrocution—Melted ice cream
Murderer, serial rapist—Lethal injection—Two cups of coffee with sugar
Murderer—Lethal injection—Iced tea
Murderer—Electrocution—Can of Mountain Dew
Murderer—Lethal Injection—Cherry limeade, banana milkshake
Murderer—Lethal injection—Chocolate milkshake
Murderer—Electrocution—Can of cherry soda, cup of coffee with cream and sugar
Murderer—Lethal injection—Chocolate milk
Murderer, rapist—Lethal injection—Quart of chocolate milk
Murderer—Lethal injection—Cherry Kool-Aid
Murderer—Gas chamber—Six pack of Pepsi
Murderer—Lethal injection—Iced tea
Murderer—Firing squad—Can of 7-Up
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Dr. Pepper
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Can of Coke
Murderer—Lethal injection—Two strawberry milkshakes
Murderer—Lethal injection—Cup of orange fruit punch, cup of milk

Scott Daughtridge was born and raised in Acworth, Georgia, a small town with two lakes and a lot of trailer parks. I Hope Something Good Happens is his first chapbook.

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