EAT | READ: Mark Cugini

EAT | READ will be a weekly beat on the new website (more info here). It will be produced by our Food Editor, Kristen Iskandrian, and Executive Editor Amy McDaniel. We will feature an EAT | READ post here on EAT GENIUS every Tuesday as a lead-in to the Real Pants launch on January 1. Kristen's intro to the beat is below, followed by today's post.

In this space, we're going to tell you what we've been reading and what we've been eating, and we're going to ask other people what they've been reading and eating, and we might, from time to time, include a recipe or a meditation or a grocery list. On most days, the only thing I like more than food is books, and on other days, the only thing I like more than books is food. But on all days, I ingest a lot of words and a lot of calories. We at Real Pants are eager to explore the wide and always-changing intersection where we find ourselves ever-hungry, never full.

This week we asked the Real Pants strategist, Mark Cugini, and here is what he told us.

EATIN: I was in Staten Island for the last seven days and we just so happened to have a very Catholic holiday, so that means I've been stuffing my face with pasta, antipasti, "pesce," and a wide variety of breaded//cheese'd proteins. Yesterday, my mom sent me home with shit from our 4th family party, which was catered by Vinny's of Carroll Gardens because yes we are absolutely that Italian. Pictured is veal parmesan and sausage & peppers; not pictured are the 32w Levi's skinnies that I am no longer able to fit into.

READIN: I'm reading Emily Toder's big-ass BEACHY HEAD and I'm not done with it yet but right now the whole thing is just blowing me backwards. I don't think I've ever read another writer that seems so simultaneously stimulated and confounded by their world, and the poems are quietly cackling at everything in a manner that makes me as if it's very OK to not know anything. This book is making me feel alive and afraid and fearless and terrified in ways I've never felt before. I wanna take this book to the zoo and hold its hand and laugh at all the meerkats and then I wanna buy this book a vegan pizza and just stare at it in utter awe when not-cheese somehow burns the roof of its mouth.

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