T.J. Lyons

Barely altered Youtube transcript of my 851 reading

0:00 closer to be game
0:03 I'm a dude and that's all you need to know about I don’t know
0:08 I'm gonna start off with 12 talks
0:12 like collaborated also with anchors
0:15 arm or hand capping all farm you but we're ok
0:19 he says PA loose on Halloween was high
0:22 grip of a macho films arsenal tax dollars during a scary
0:26 we have fun sundry trawlers doesn't end the punchline
0:31 nice yes your
0:34 a bird skeleton sits on top
0:38 this is when you invite me I can't help but clearly picked
0:42 chocolate from its bounds I put one foot behind the other
0:47 I stepped one step lowered without stairs
0:51 I'm trickle through the forwards until my black fur
0:55 get stuck pour some body parts into work and aim for Myra
1:01 outline on a tree in the distance with your burgers
1:04 by branches I feel way too much
1:09 I don't think I need anything at all I don't even use my hands
1:12 which had been lying to me things are so we're
1:17 after my conversion being the wolf I am sometimes
1:22 loneliness that won't fit into my mouth put this she
1:27 over your head and be like all air inside
1:31 and all tired rolling down your road page along
1:35 all planet pancakes
1:39 and she is your intestine line so that I will stay in and practice with you
1:44 how much butter G a room so
1:48 right you can't see I wanted art mismatch for shadows
1:53 tell me the horns are mine I can't tell the difference
1:56 nothing in my life
2:00 was sweet as the moment I left it for you
2:03 I watch you from the ceiling and swoop down to cut your hair
2:07 condom disappeared in the woods in my backyard
2:12 I was looking at you when I should be climbing the footprints
2:16 countries ahead on a scale
2:20 I need to learn the difference between wrong
2:24 right on figure it out if you keep looking at me
2:27 um
2:30 looks are sleeping a new the broken floors with my parents
2:34 arriving afterlife makes dollars of us all
2:38 well at the lake on the whole
2:42 I wish my hands were meant for other places
2:45 our pockets the entire life about expression
2:49 I'm turned into a hedge and I hold our squirrels
2:52 the reason my name is important here I am collecting my hair and shower
2:57 trains make their doors I find common stock into green seems that my A's hat
3:03 while washing man
3:04 way Lake Merritt sucking the flash I don't muscles for lunch
3:08 I wonder if on better off I wonder why I think people back
3:13 empty shells at their head to prove they are texting
3:16 all the freeway and you'll end up here
3:20 all a single fish no I'm not concerned with an S O B
3:24 this I'm only watching wanting to be a part
3:27 what I'm caught up in my cop
3:30 you are all watching and I'm not supposed to be dreaming
3:34 or am I what's the difference when this moment
3:37 is the next the future isn't cancelled right
3:41 join you in the graveyard if I can do my living there
3:45 join you in a graveyard
3:48 if I can do my banking there as long as I keep getting my face murder
3:54 I know I have heard this living
3:57 like a light ball at the mercy of a twist
4:01 tattoo ourselves into a tree branch so we are mural
4:05 leaves injected with hearts and mystery living
4:10 as above underachieving boo deposit some bones for safekeeping
4:15 call it a long term investment long-term digestion
4:20 as long as you agree I'll keep holding these movies inside my wallet
4:25 keep hurling myself into the ground like my life depends on it
4:29 I'm trying to meet a measurement
4:32 I join you slot and now I can do my noting here
4:36 I want you to know that we are
4:40 on it books nate is bankrupt
4:43 I'm 25 enough lawyers in both my eyes
4:47 stream retreats to a source the fish swims
4:51 into a bigger mouth I have too many eyes to choose what I see
4:55 I stare at my computer screen never look at my bank statements
5:00 there are seven lunches on the counter never require virtual bad times
5:06 stowaway call come on always go
5:10 in the attic music says you shouldn't room I once a little earlier
5:15 home liar please make me cringe
5:19 I admire the jury pool and pay it and pay it
5:22 the truth will set you on fire answers are in the attic hiding in boxes
5:28 you haven't open you are an ass and I'm the office
5:33 no matter what I eat my stomach is Andrew Holtz
5:36 my breath smells like makes me feel like my spine was ripped out to whip me
5:41 into a scandal
5:44 we got married in a drive thru chocolate also does
5:48 we got married and driving chocolate also changed our oil
5:52 what a steal from we lock ourselves in the shed and feasting on the trees
5:57 fruit I hit you the skin from that and make a quilt
6:01 to call true always follows me home
6:05 where's the mood on for the fingernail pounding at the inside of my eyelids
6:11 I like to think I'm the king of sleep and stand in front of my open
6:14 refrigerator dressed in full snow
6:16 year matching house reasons I you stopping me n
6:21 stop me stop me
6:24 stuff me and you start stuff mean you're not here so I can know what you value
6:31 I was conceived on a tire swing do you value motion
6:36 do you value time
6:40 I don't keep clocks in my apartment
6:44 I don't keep clocks in my apartment
6:47 someday all the face
6:50 Sunday all for the face
6:54 Sunday is my apartment have teeth and
6:58 for the clocks I don't be
7:01 just got your nostrils at all tire pile
7:05 dust out your nostrils at all tired
7:09 might be 80 is strong enough to lower a sock
7:13 my big toe is strong enough to lower saw
7:17 piled us tumor strong nostrils
7:21 not is a big out your toe
7:24 that tired my sock
7:28 we are slowly becoming car more
7:31 we are slowly becoming carpet lore
7:34 roll down your window smell hair
7:39 roll down your window smell the hair
7:43 rule you smell we are the air
7:46 carpet becoming window slowly down lore
7:52 I don't keep your dust in my saw
7:55 nostrils for the strong car have that
7:58 more a big toe is here
8:02 we're down pile out
8:05 rules higher smell your apartment
8:09 Sunday if the store window becoming mighty
8:13 slowly enough to move the clock
8:18 let's make time matter I'm a dude
8:22 I eat my sleep for breakfast and spend most of the day journey
8:27 that doesn't mean I know that means for an hour so I hang like a possum
8:32 and our room so my head purple
8:35 with let my body refuses
8:38 people last night lol sleep hysterical
8:42 with an M would you like some mindlessly
8:47 you have some banana sleep and gates
8:50 won't you be my possum and maybe hang you by your feets
8:54 so sleepy digest properly
8:58 will spend our dreams wondering what consumers there
9:02 will choose our case yes nightmares and panic
9:05 all the way to practice
9:09 please walk with me in sleep so that I never wake on my back
9:13 so that I know where we are
9:17 I said bearing in mind that night will he said okay
9:21 yeah
9:24 I said bearing in a pile the Super Mario World
9:27 cartridges and he said okay give me your face like
9:31 love dust out you
9:34 I said bury me in a pile teething puppies
9:39 I said no man's cannot remove this tension mind on
9:42 you said I know I said
9:45 missing parts from you lives in the absence of me
9:49 lying down the street my body is in
9:52 other my body isn't so far
9:57 I can hear my voice following
10:00 I'll wing although wing
10:05 I can hear my always following me as if I were never empty
10:10 as if his body was handed down by talk myself into
10:16 his poems for the win when
10:19 you already know I exist joins along
10:23 my body is the city attorney's ever-expanding passing
10:27 where buildings where party hat
10:31 this is not lost on it is below shit on other key
10:34 room up in ya to pin gotta
10:38 man in the tree hang by my knees
10:42 man cram the canyon asking him
10:47 today is your new birthday
10:51 I said Mary Anne you said up yeah
10:58 I said marry me and he said up he walked with me
11:01 yeah I said marry me and I'll fuck you like his signature you can shred
11:07 he said okay yeah
11:11 I said other series of conflicting directions
11:14 situating me in the center of my own mattress you said
11:18 no shit do you know my brain
11:21 is just another having a stranger's plane arriving
11:26 where to our share over the same Bridget grid
11:29 Midwest Winger let me be is cemented lol
11:35 let me be a cemented shovel
11:40 confessional on upon without trees home without murders
11:44 without them without the sky without a body
11:48 a poem about stupid fucking hard yeah
11:51 remember this guy lost know why not %um
11:54 errors I feel the need to conquer nothing
11:58 doing the best I can with what I don't have
12:01 group I've never been this way since 1999
12:06 that was the year might of gave birth to alligators my wife's me
12:10 fireplace something was in the water back
12:14 am my arms were followed party Gators
12:17 and crying and we and that firing out with anything we could scavenge
12:23 we lost all our furniture the puppies Barton
12:26 or your browser Ben shit ash all over the carpet
12:31 pork it was terrifying now they get along famously
12:36 sibling rivalry is only a every child needs Gators to grow up with
12:41 my heart secondary
12:45 a little fireplaces mature into a well mannered young production
12:49 their egos out the door walking the pooches to the swamp
12:55 did you know I slept on a bed native Dawson for
13:00 every night iraq myself and get more wells football energy your ears
13:05 rest my face on domination pillowcases stuff
13:09 100% sure she
13:12 deposit the Husky packed hall not my bed
13:15 their matches back small around me
13:19 my dad taught me how to play dead when it really matters
13:24 before all this I rented ease into bedroom uptown
13:28 will need approval everything I know I'm from Queens
13:33 and I guess we're all guilty
13:36 filling the air with more air
13:40 I hope my imagination says you you are only a consequence
13:47 when I know where people are come back as an other knee
13:52 body is no place for us to share
13:55 only one shackled to each other near
13:58 and you that ace looking back at the same
14:02 I as we see with you fucking mired in the mirror
14:06 washing in the position I can't reach
14:11 and shoot everything not me and into cheering
14:15 tell me menu and choose your cell she strips
14:20 the ceiling is dangerous only cuz
14:24 will never reach it watching pace
14:27 washing liked you fractured or slamming into a single frame
14:32 I'm not sure if my body is near my body is not me
14:37 starting to realize sometimes the only way out is another day
14:40 and what he's pulling this
14:44 into each other autre slotting is why
14:48 slapping their daughter slapping her doll the way I press my face on yours
14:52 like a child on a toy store window
14:56 the answer and he is just inside the planet
14:59 and the shower you
15:03 thanks you thanks you thanks you

T.J. Lyons's work has been published in Word Riot, Up Literature, Plain Wrap Press, HTMLGIANT, Coachella Review, and other journals. Check him out at

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