Jayinee Basu


surfactant fluorine in long tubes
pale yellow opaque lights
fluorescent halogen rarest star
flowing salts teflon teeth
gaseous yellow green topaz
transparent gel atmosphere
bright yellow liquid cubes
violently shattering neon oxygen
repulsion and attraction, reaction to
a weakened peroxide blonde
easily cleaved significantly larger
powdered steel, floral glass
fragments of burning water
wolves of cosmology
red giant lisping crust
florid blue silicates
geothermal springs flux
soft glass super heavy
killing or blinding dry
platinum liberated presence
copper head hex nickel
breathable rainwear wire
steel limes cracking rods
invisibility research on
exchange membrane lips
thin coating plasma etching
propellant toxic corrosive
lust repellant integrated
a viscous meniscus into
shimmering hibiscus.

Jayinee Basu is a writer based in San Francisco. Her work has been published in Metazen, Housefire, Gesture Magazine and Times of India, among others. A book of her poetry, Asuras, is forthcoming.

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