Matthew Rohrer


I have come
to your city
to lie in the grass
and watch the clouds
bounce uselessly off
the snow covered mountains.
Your city softly beneath
cherry blossoms.
Homeless punks along
the avenue who never
cease. They are deported
from Canada. Their faces
move between the tourists
set hard and falling-in
looking for the other world.
I fall asleep until
the shadows tuck themselves
around me. I must to certain
greater forces present myself
at the end of the day.


Night-blooming mushrooms
that look too good
the little girl says
they look too scary
horrific shelves of fungus
on a log
and scratched in the dirt
an arrow and “trolls”
which we note and avoid
the fog confuses us
and construction sounds
from the trees
it’s morning
a puddle so big
the girl feeds her bagel
there to ducks

Matthew Rohrer is the author of 7 books of poems, most recently DESTROYER AND PRESERVER, from Wave Books. He lives in Brooklyn.

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