Kimiko Hahn

The What-Have-You
            Modern scientists also have analyzed what happens in the brain when people suddenly become aware of an object that was hidden in plain sight. —Benedict Carey

For some, awareness amounts to
banning a same-sex rendezvous

in mosh pit or on carousel.
That is, there is no Awareness.

Not for Chanel No. what-have-you.

Not for fracking or mean-girl-ing.
(Maybe for jilting.)

Even for the blue whale
the scant Awareness is mainly green.

As well, in the corner of a continent

obstetric fistula, symptomatic of what
someone has referred to as holocaust.

Kimiko Hahn’s forthcoming collection, Brain Fever, continues where Toxic Flora left off: poems triggered by rarified fields of science.  She teaches in the MFA Program of Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College/CUNY.

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