Quincy Rhoads

Orpheus before the VMAs

Of course I deserve the best
male video award. Just look at
the other nominees. Drake? I
make the gods cry. And that’s
without auto-tune. And
Eminem? I’ve been to hell and
back. Literally. He’s just from
Detroit. Does that even
compare? Losing my baby,
Eurydice, taught me a lot this
year— watch out for snake-in-
the-grass execs and learn to
never look back. No matter

Poem's Score: -0.1

Quincy Rhoads lives in Tennessee with his wife, where he teaches English composition. His writing has appeared on HTMLGIANT, THE2NDHAND, and Unicorn Knife Fight.


For July 2013,
Everyday Genius is pleased to present poems that were rated below 0.4 on the "Poetry Assessor"—a tool that "is designed to determine whether a poem has the characteristics of a professional poem, or, alternatively, an amateur poem.
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