Danika Stegeman

White Rabbit

We hear the sound of a river’s branch breaking. We follow it
like a hallway down. We arrive at an ocean but decide not to

stand in it. You laugh, slightly crazily. You sit/sort of fall down.
We look again. There is no ocean. Just spit in a frame. A tox screen

shows its blood content, which unzips into a room. Wonderland.
The room has no latitude. If an image comes to you then

you’re hallucinating. Light, comma, sticks. Touch me
again. Something tells me you’re good and a body

must have documentation. I look into your eyes and what I see
is beautiful water. You want to try and save everyone. This is

ordinary magic. We’re still waiting. Waiting for someone
to come. We can’t just crucify the light.

Poem's Score: 0.190029411765

Danika Stegeman lives in Minneapolis, MN and works in a library. She has an M.F.A. in creative writing from George Mason University. Her work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Lo-Ball, and Alice Blue Review, among other places.


For July 2013,
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