Donna Girouard

To My Darlin' Cavalier (with apologies to Robert Burns)

The first day I saw you, I knew you were the one.
I could feel your strength, your power.
(You were my first - the other one was just a glimpse.)
Even though I feared you, I loved you then.
You made me feel free and alive - like never before.

Together we rode the hills and valleys,
Experienced a oneness through the joys and sorrows.
We even carried the dear creature on her final day.
It was we against the uncertain world.
You were always r=there, safe and solid

Until the day the stranger appeared.
In a blinding flash, you were changed.
Your youth, your beauty, your energy,
All taken from me, snatched as tears spattered my cheeks.
You cringed, helpless, open and naked to the world.

Now you're back, but I know it's over.
My heart cries over your drunken frame,
Your transparency forever clouded.
Gone is the magic; I must move on.
I'll say goodbye, though I love you still.

Poem's Score: -1.4922962963

Donna Girouard is an Instructor of English at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC, and faculty adviser of the college's literary-arts magazine, The Bear's Tale. Her essays can be found in Storm Cellar Quarterly, Writer's Bloc, Embodied Effigies and Apeiron Review and in the next issues of Okalahoma Review and Sugar Mule.

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