Ricky Garni


I found a wicker basket.

Shaped like an egg.

I bet you could fit in it.

I could carry you.

I could take you anywhere.

You could tell me stories.

I could tell you the same stories.

I could spray it with perfume.

After you died. I could still walk

down the street with my basket.

I could meet new people.

I could tell new people stories.

Old stories that you loved.

I could even make up new stories

to tell new people. Stories that you

would have loved. Stories that would

have made you say I love it when

you make up new stories. Stories

that would have made you say OH

but how I do miss the old ones.


Ricky Garni is a graphic designer in Carrboro, North Carolina USA whose poetry (what? poetry? what's the connection?) anyway, whose poetry can be found at Anemone Sidecar, Tinfoiled Dress, Modus Operandi and other places but most especially at

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