Justin Dobbs

a question posed to the mayor at a town hall meeting and answered

Yes, I agree with you about the situation regarding the fence and the giant pile of manure, and actually, I anticipated it from the start. But let's start at the beginning. You have already told me that your life is really bad, that it's already been so, and we shall have to factor that into whatever decision I might make. I won't lie to you Tom, I believe that removing the manure that's been dumped over your little pink fence and into your rose garden is completely out of question. I don't tell you this in order to make you cry, although I don't mind seeing you cry, but only to remind you of your responsibilities to the town and first of all, to yourself!

Yes, it's very unfortunate what's happened to you and your children, your wife, and the postal delivery worker, but these are things that you will have to accomodate if you are to grow as a responsible citizen of the town, which all town members must do, and to attend the annual dance, which most must also do, but there is something else that few of us has accounted for, and that is we must now be bolting from this room, for as many have predicted the volcano that we are all quite familiar with is truly about to blow, and will knock off some of our hats!

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