Joseph Goosey

I Don't Even Pee I Don't Have to 'Cause I've Got a Full-Time Staff of Seven

I am going to tongue your dog mouth.
I am going to evaporate my little girl.

Is that a big deal for such you?
You should be fired.

The enema backwards is a jalapeno.
My splits gain a forward thickness.

Snoring during interesting.

Your teeth are yellow blind under this light.
Your pores are banana creme pudding.

How does one access the Howard Johnsons?
How does one save Grandma, drink with Aunt Ethel?

My BAC is a neighbor crying the bathroom.
My sincerity pisses post-modern.

I went to the locker room to hide for a little awhile and maybe do a
little bit of screaming. I sat down on the tile took photos of my cock
with my phone.
I emailed the photos of my cock to myself. Later I'll post them on
Craigslist using the company computer. My 401K will suffer.

There is so much fear of bankers working from home. Tattooed bankers
who wanna make you think they do drugs, who wanna be your friend, who
would decline even a Mocktail.

In addition my poo job as animal keeper is giving me anxiety.

The listings have always been so incorrect.

My handle, as you know, is littleasiancumwhore3010.

How paint can you assemble?

Mom's shopping, my eyeballs are your worst.

No reservation = No gloryhole

Fit males only for CA$H Number one service in town

Cool way to have a seventeen year old girlfriend. We never suspected
you for a reader even then the atmosphere dreads this. Even the turkey
needs. Every Filipino man in the century is surprised to hear about a
snake in the room of storage.

3 grants now available for adorable St.Louis lesbians only.

When is Mrs.Houston going to realize we can't all serve as her new kneecap?

The only thing I want to own is a large house with nobody else ever inside.

Joseph Goosey is unemployed in DC. He has a chapbook called Mostly Spinach forthcoming through Virgogray press and is trying vaguely to pimp out a novel.

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