Michael Bible

So, What's Up?

The girl is crying. Margaret keeps the milk cold. Bruce has a box near the tree. Virginia doesn't own a fancy hammer. This is Debbie's little knife. Richard owns a dry book. He has a pen by the sea. Rita's aunt has some guitars. Ned doesn't have a camera at the barbershop. I don't have a cold knife.

Do most bus drivers surf four or five times a day? Do plumbers very often weep? Do doctors shave badly? Do you jog near the tree? Don't you talk behind the post office? Do most scientists pray every night? Do most singers eat three times a day? Does Doug read in the doghouse? Do those carpenters shave all night? Do those pilots frequently shout? Do those doctors pray well?

Edgar will not burn Mr. Cook to death this week. Harry ate a lot of caviar for breakfast. Isaac is living with Kate. Peggy comes from good stock. Earl is said to have been born in Denmark. Captain Furt gave me a hint. Cliff likes anything sweet. Ruth's old canary is still alive.

Does Edgar laugh five or six days a week? Elmer caught a ball after he drank diet coke. Tony burned Mr. Chapman to death. Lucy broke the speed limit early the next morning. Jamie died the morning after he became carsick. Darrell alone became a good thief. Eugene cut Mrs. Smith to pieces. Hilda has never become a good dentist. Editor Sash's affection is cooling. Ernest's failure is out of the question. Hank learned to make a fire without matches. Mrs. Estrada's karaoke voice would put a professional to shame. Raymond burns Ms. Huntley to death all day.

Michael Bible is the author of "My Second Best Bear Rug" (Paper Hero Press) and Gorilla Math (Greying Ghost). His fiction can be see in Lamination Colony, Wigleaf, elimae, FlatmanCrooked Print, and Artifice. He lives in Mississippi where he edits Kitty Snacks Magazine.

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