Matt Bell Week 2: First paragraph

**UPDATE: Matt's 30 minutes in and going strong! Check it out here.**

**UPDATE 2: After an hour, Matt has over written 1,000 words and made some small line edits. Currently the meeting room is full. Keep trying back. I am working with the MeetingWords team to allow more people in.**

**UPDATE 3: SUCCESS! MeetingWords has graciously accommodated the project and opened the meeting room for more users! Feel free to hit them up with a donation. I did. It seems to be run and supported by a very nice human, not a Major Internet Corporation.**

Here's the paragraph that Matt Bell will be starting from to create his story this week:
Our charter does not include the killing of them except in self-defense and so we can only drive them out, drive them on. In the forest, we find them in the form of cat, of hog, of black bird and rat and cock. They are not shapeshifters but can steal any shape, and so are often indistinguishable from the other animals which we must hunt for food when our supplies run low, that we must make new clothes of when our own tear loose of their threads.
Tune in here today at noon to watch his process. Then check back at the same place at 5pm, when Matt will work on the story for another couple hours. If you miss it, no worries: the site features a "Time Slider" that will allow you to see all the changes Matt made in real time.

[Technical note: The "MeetingWords" service where Matt will be writing is very open -- anyone can click into the story window and edit the text. We ask that readers do not do this, though, until Thursday, when the story will be open sourced. At the end of each session, the text will be posted here at Everyday Genius.]

Matt Bell's introduction, with justification and schedule
Schedule for the rest of the week At-A-Glance (Times are EST):

Matt Bell Writing Sessions 1 & 2
12pm - 2pm
5pm - 6pm

Matt Bell Writing Sessions 3
12pm - 1pm

Michael Kimball Editing/Collaborating
9pm - 10pm

Lily Hoang Editing/Collaborating
1pm - 2pm

Crowd sourcing (open to public collaboration)
9am - 9pm

Matt Bell Final Writing Session
10am - completion

Matt Bell is the author of How They Were Found, forthcoming from Keyhole Press in October 2010. He is also the editor of The Collagist and the series editor of Dzanc's Best of the Web anthology series.


  1. Currently the meeting room is full. Keep trying back. I am working with the MeetingWords team to allow more people in.

  2. "live" writing is just about the stupidest thing i've ever heard of.

  3. not stupid, actually. just stale.

  4. just found the link to this. Can't wait to tune in @ yor next session. What a great idea.