Christopher Newgent, Cover Art

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In the first week of May's Everyday Genius Weekly, Christopher Newgent presents two brief poem series, The Lion and The Lamb. Tomorrow brings The Lion, Thursday: The Lamb. On Wednesday, we'll hear two tracks written for the project by Christopher's old band, No Heroics, Please. And Christopher's friend, Joe McHugh, will bring it all back home on Friday with an Afterword.

Artwork by Laura Relyea 

Cover design by Christopher Newgent

Christopher Newgent lives and writes in Indianapolis. He is a contributing editor at, and his work has appeared in Poetry East, Freight Stories, Copper Nickel, and shady side review. You can blogstalk him at
Laura Relyea lives her life in many directions at once. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA. She and her brother Christopher founded songsforyourday, a blog shared between friends documenting their lives and their accompanying soundtracks. She is a member of the band LaVista, in which she sings, plays autoharp, and piano. In her spare time you can find her riding her Nishiki, playing kickball, running, reading incessantly, taking pictures, making stencils, painting, drawing, or writing letters. Every once in a while she finds time to breathe.

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