Amelia Gray, Day 4

Day 4

I was working as a wine taster for a while. I practiced at home. "This one has citrus viewpoints with a maze of smoke and berry," I said. You just wanted to buy methamphetamine because you were addicted or whatever. We were in my childhood home and the dogwoods were blooming. I was thinking this could be a good standup comedy act if I could find the humor in it. There was a toilet in the kitchen and whenever anyone used it they turned their head towards the wall. You just wanted to go to Houston. You kept bothering me. I was like, hang on, I'm almost done. I was thinking about the situation and trying to find the humor in it.

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Amelia Gray is the author of AM/PM, published by Featherproof Books. Her book Museum of the Weird is coming out in October 2010 through FC2. For other publications, see here.

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