Leopoldine Core


You bite into an orange and it plays Beatles songs

all the sad ones

You can hear all the spit

in George Harrison’s mouth

there’s a hiss

You love how he loved God

the man he couldn’t have

as opposed to the women

he had endlessly

the women

you would’ve hated them too

had you been a man


with your guitar.

You want his Jesus

not some loser’s Jesus

weird nectar

guy in the park

It’s tantric

rock is

sweetly begging

by the water.

It’s like auditioning for devotion

Let me know you

Let me know you

Is it the flesh of god
or your own mouth
waiting like women
around your teeth

wish for entry
wish not to be a bastard
wish for the weird rainbow
the cliff

Let me know you

Let me know you

Let me in

Leopoldine Core was born and raised in Manhattan. Her poems and fiction have appeared in Apology, Open City, Joyland, The Brooklyn Rail, Big Lucks and elsewhere. Her chapbook “Young Friend” was published by Perfect Lovers Press. Her first full-length book is forthcoming from Coconut Books.

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