Tammy Foster Brewer

What We Know Of Soy

The truth is I can’t let this go: soy lattes.
Soy, really, because what you don’t really know

is that soy may hurt you some day. Although
it probably won’t be soy’s fault, the truth

is what we want with words. To see them ruth-
lessly displayed in large print on the front of soy

milk rather than sitting on the side as coy
school girls at a spelling bee: soy protein

isolate, soy lecithin, soy sauce, soylent green
is people. Imagine the landscape

when soy was not found in pancakes
or coffee: a field without a shelf life.

Tammy Foster Brewer is the author of the chapbook, No Glass Allowed (Verve Bath Press). Her poems have appeared in Rattle, The Pedestal, Scythe, and Stirring. She received her BA in English from Georgia State University and is employed as a litigation paralegal. She lives in Duluth, Georgia with her poet husband, Robert Lee Brewer, and 3 children. She can be reached at

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