Daniel Beauregard

Ice Cream

     6 figs
     1 carrot
     Raspberries (handful)
     Brown sugar
     Balsamic vinegar

(Probably will taste better if you pick the fruit yourself)

Reduce raspberries, brown sugar and Balsamic vinegar
Until it makes a sauce that is very sweet and a little tangy

Let the reduction simmer while you shave
The carrot into the smallest possible shavings
You can imagine

Place the figs in the freezer
Pull the figs out of the freezer
Place the carrot shavings on top
Of the figs. Pour on the reduction
Serve immediately

(I like to save a few raspberries to plop on top too)

Daniel Beauregard lives in Atlanta, where he works at a local newspaper. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in ILK, NAP, Jellyfish, Spittoon and elsewhere. His chapbook “Before You Were Born” is being released in January by 421 Atlanta. Follow him @666ICECREAM.

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