Thomas Fucaloro

Children double dutch in the endless moonlight

Children double dutch in the endless moonlight
the zombies come, eat all their brains
it’s a full moon tonight

They say hiding is the hardest part

but it’s hard hiding from what you don’t


We all are afraid of the undead.

Haunting pasts are like growing neck goiters

always in the way

always in plain sight.

Locked doors are an opportunity for death

but sometimes the unlocked ones come to the same conclusion.

I’ve never had a problem

running away

from my problems.

I learned that from my parents.

Having your brain eaten is like a 10 minute Tom Waits song

always crisp

always cool

always street lit just right.

When the zombies catch me

they won’t find a thing

just a couple of buffalo headed nickels

and a tender alto sax melody

a diamond


Thomas Fucaloro is an NYC poet. He has a book out by Three Rooms Press called Inheriting Craziness. He is one of the founding editors of Great Weather for Media press. He is studying at the New sSchool for his MFA in creative writing.

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