Brooks Sterritt

A Face is Made of Fourteen Bones

The older the house, the more have likely died inside. This house is old. This house was instrumental in the development of the sushi/sashimi industry in Japan, aided breakthroughs in refrigerator design, accentuated the spread of disease between agricultural inspectors, and spearheaded the decapitation of authors associated with the somewhat obscure foundational text of LaVeyan Satanism entitled Careers for Color Connoisseurs.

When you look at your surroundings, do you find yourself saying, “I would have chosen another color?” Are hues, tints, shades, and tones important to you? Are you a talented individual who can work magic with a color palette? If so, I have news for you, i.e. YOUR LIST OF POTENTIAL CAREER CHOICES IS LONG.

Has the phrase “on the cheap” troubled you for quite some time? Is your face a heat sink? To give you my own frank personal viewpoint: it has and it is. A “pin fin heat sink” to be precise, which is a heat sink with pins that extend from its base, like Dennis Hopper. The pins can be cylindrical, elliptical, or square. THESE PINS RUN THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE HEAT SINK.

Similar to Dennis Hopper's 65 folios containing 101 exceedingly complex magic squares, heat sink fins follow in the footsteps of the undisputed haiku master Matsuo Basho. Hopper's numerous visible tubes, similar to this very house, promote Enochian magic, ceremonial colon cleanses, SYSTEMIC FORCED LIVE ORGAN HARVESTING OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, and numerous benevolent and stabilizing forces in the lives of millions of plagiarists, adolescents, community organizers, pastry chefs, and murderers.

While you, Dennis Hopper, the United States, and much of the rest of the uncivilized world are preoccupied with some sort of, I don't know, ECONOMIC PROBLEMS, there is another urgent matter that must be addressed as soon as possible. Let's change the subject. When the water and fat in, say, a diseased deer's hoof is replaced by various plastics, this yields a diseased deer's hoof that can be touched, that does not smell or decay, and that can be mounted for teaching purposes. I'm talking fixation, dehydration, impregnation in a vacuum, and the hardening of tissues. I'm talking a certain degree of rigidity. I'm talking water and lipids replaced by curable polymers.

This house is cold storage.

Brooks Sterritt's writing appears in The Madison Review, Denver Quarterly, The Southeast Review, TRNSFR Magazine, HTMLGiant, and elsewhere. He currently lives in Boston, and can be found online at

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