Mg Roberts

Tasseomancy: see hear now

[She] empties thought, ponders the basis of perfection at the bottom of a porcelain cup. Clustering synthesis much like the way a wheel represents movement.

Reading tea leaves [she] attempts to hold outer layers of saying. Disturbance generates pictures to be discerned only by the eccentricities of shape.

[She] finds it easier to predict

better things than unpleasant


The human mind reduces pieces for observation and study, constantly reabsorbing and recreating with inherent flexibility: light influenced by the compression of dots.

What is beautiful is

predicable, so


Small netted veins steep into patterns, crossing its ringed interior in floating bits. [She] focuses on breath, watching leaves cluster, bend into rectangles and squares, questions break apart


smaller pieces.

Mg Roberts is a Kundiman Fellow and MFA graduate of New College of California, where strange tricks were added to her bag. Currently she is a member of Kelsey Street Press and teaches in the San Francisco Bay area. Her work has appeared and or is forthcoming in 580 Split, The New Delta Review, Web Conjunctions, and KQED’s Writers’ Block. If she were not a poet she would be a snake handler, or maybe just a good speller.

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