Ana Božičević

Mountains of Lucia

I’m so excited: I’ve found something that exists!
He happens to be my mother. How beautiful
the night of our robbery/dialogue. Murderer,
the river Ng flooded the day
I had you. General strikes flew through
the dark sky of France, & you passed with ease from
one world to the next: from student genius +
trembling into a place
of clarity, surprise, sky and old-timey radios.
There you pulled out a list.
It looked like Chinatown, but really it was:
- Write about different kinds of air.
- It’s dark and the future’s a continuum
of twitter feeds and food.
- But then he was touched by something
cooler, like motherhood.
And though the list was
so quiet and ancient—just like a timeshell!
you tore it, for me. And replaced it with a deed
of some iconic provenance, signed in your hand: Cherie.
So I say yes. In your infinite arrogance
we will sail to the old country. Change back
its name. Put all the old street signs back.
I get smaller
+ deeper and crawl into bed with you. Dam how I would love you
bitch o the chimney sweeps!
- Snatch of a snatch…
- In midair like a microwave,
I hand you a death & call it Scandal.

Ana Božičević is the author of Stars of the Night Commute (2009) and the forthcoming Rise in the Fall. She is also a translator & studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Plus de rien at

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