Neila Mezynski

Girl In Two House

She live in two house. One of them nice other not. One day she went out. To the store. Find if she was there maybe in the bread or carrot island. She was not either. Forlorn she not be crystal clear in her seeing of those other things, about. Lettuce or turnip probably more in the fudge way. Leafy. Cocoa. Bean. She asked the shopkeeper if he knew her in the biblical sense not but in the knowing way as in does she look like Marilyn or Toulouse or someone of that eek. Finding a way out he looked looked at nothing in particular, her in particular. She want not to be in two house but one was the place he was there too listen to her play piano violin, doesn’t matter play listen listen play. All day sit feet listen. Mac. Don’t talk stick foot in mouth sweat turn strange pink lie leave fast no time for to listen to the sound. Don’t watch she won’t go her way then. Where. Listen.

Girl In Two House II

She play all day all day she play piano too. Don’t ask for much don’t need. Only. Listen. Bob. She play and enjoy for to. No proof. Outside not look inside. Happy. Feet to bask. Need herself her instrument. Chopin. Confound kitty nice smile lemon cake some chocolate for Johnny I, 2. Pretend is all. New house. Tipover dream, lots to think then be. No never mind he don’t vant she do plenty smelly fish in little pond big. Her. Go visit carrot lettuce man for quick mindless answer while spraying. Come home be nice smile play some piano for to listen. Foot baskin. Call her Toulouse, she’ll stay long. No remorse. Keep nice one give you torn. Okay. A hard time, you too? Me me. Plenty of fishy waters. Crystal clear when she do good piano playin.

These selections are from Yellow Fringe Dress, an echapbook from Radioactive Moat Press (Jan 2012). Neila Mezynski is the author of Glimpses from Scrambler Books, a pamphlet from Greying Ghost Press, echapbooks from Patasola Press and chapbooks from Folded Word Press (Feb 2012), Mud Luscious Press and Deadly Chaps Press.

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