Nathaniel Otting

for Robert Kadis

On the 20th of January, Lenz
walks through The, maintains,
No, she is the Robert Walser.
Fewer, it was raining on Lenz.

Further, I passed by a cobbler's
workshop, which reminded me
of the poet Lenz, a genius, but
unhappy, who learned to make,
and made, shoes while his soul
and spirit were unhinged, wrote
the Robert Walser of The Walk.

On the 20th of January, Lenz
disappeared. Either Lenz
disappeared or the 20th of
January did. Did Lenz or did
disappear. No: Lenz was
lacking, no rain. Of lawn
after morning: No Lenz.

Of lawn after morning: Lenz.

Well, then there was walking, on
Lenz, all around Lenz, past Lenz,
Lenz walking through the Lenz.
There was more walking, by Lenz.

Lenz, walking, January, the 20th,
probably January, probably Lenz.

Lenz, probably walking, on January, no,
lacking January, past January, the 20th.

Why not walking on January, why not on the 20th,
why not walk through the January to reach the 20th,
why not January on Lenz, no. No January. No Lenz.

For: only mountains, mountains, mountains, mountains.

Let January equal the 20th. Let the 13th fever. Let Lenz.
For object, read flying. For first, read only. For if, read of.
January, Lenz, 20th, Lenz, 19th of centuries, 20th of Lenz.

Nathaniel Otting works at Unnameable Books.

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