Stephanie Barber

some end of the year haiku for everyday genius

the end of the year
reminiscent of its start
swollen with the words

the end, here with words--
all worded up like the start
of this year, 'member?

this day reminds me
of a day just like this day
one year earlier

this last day last year
right here on the internet
also held in words

the words first and last
like worlds still undiscovered
waiting together

long thin greasy hair
surrendered mortality
the very last day

let's just admit it
sometimes negativity
is just the best choice

underwater dive
like in the glassiest springs'
tunnel to new year

sunshine city beach
with parades for joy and hope
in the coming year

Stephanie Barber recommends Jeju Island.

(For December at Everyday Genius, contributors were asked to recommend something elsewhere on the Internet.)

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