Megan Kaminski

3 Poems

Dear tourniquet, dear overbite
why not sit still for a moment and quiet too
these are places to wait inside
nails scratching under wardrobes
long hairs in sinks shadows cabinets
toweled under beds not hotels just places
teeth sink into long arms linger before
touching the switch
add another notch to the weathered chaise
leave some for the boneman the baker


Leave matches on the counter
spread hands wide across. We’ll make
due for the time on time
plus half, laundering sentences
country accents for consumption.
Lay your coat on the sofa;
there’s more time for leisure
than you imagine. The fire burns
slowly allows for shadows,
recollections smoked onto skin.


Dear night, dear misplaced images
blanketed silver singed crystalline
cold I gather icicles sew flack jackets
encase late night wonderings
parks shadowed sharply street-lit
dear avenue if I follow floor me
carry me and my lost children
wordspent gangrened unburied

Megan Kaminski recommends Issue 5 by the Dusie Kollektiv.

(For December at Everyday Genius, contributors were asked to recommend something elsewhere on the Internet.)

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