Glenn Shaheen

Women Injured in Combat

All flags up slowly poles who knows
the planes break flattened a horizon or two
there there are ends or non ends or reboots
plain airs no jets do speak a voyage to land
and countries where language is a roiling market
audio do birds fell by thunder other bang
mother are we drinked on striped starts
too no ends bruised arms bruised backs to
basics picking out or up or picking nickels
iron when shouted come from below street
only look we through window cops true ice
cream men how fire fighters netted in safety
so beddings music trust a certain volume
then become a tactic grocery speakers or
inexpensive applestuffs mistrust in public
hum make believe not deeply thought them
and we or we’re nobody ready to maim irons
nickels calciums bonely flashed music from
speakers made of paper a medal in closet
metals closely flags do illuminate at night
music a button away pull one does go through

Glenn Shaheen recommends "An Editors' Slush-Pile Meeting at the Backdoor Review" by Laurie Ann Cedilnik at The Rumpus.

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