Andrew Borgstrom


Orange rot and now given even. Over rot as now given even. Rotted on turned. And now done. Now or worm. Given in vented even now. Even vented even now. Orange vented even rot. Rotted even now turns. As silence. Now or worms. Given in veiled evening now. Even veiled evening now. Rot over turned turns even done. Or rots. Turned under rot now evened done. And now done. Now over worms. Done over now even. Now on worms. Or rotted. Worms over rotted means. Given in vented even now. In now. Vented even now turning even done. Even venting even now. Now our worms. Even vending even now. Vending even done in now given. Even vendors evened now. Now on worms. Or rots and now given evens. Vented evening now turning evening down. Even vented even now is now given. Rot over turning. Rot even now turning.

Andrew Borgstrom lives in the desert.

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