Rupert Wondolowski

its beginning and its end cannot be found

Like two strangers chained to pipes
in an underground bathroom
or neuro-theology practiced by
a largely ceremonial department
with a tiny budget and few
you may dance but
you may only dance 
within a parameter
of a few square inches.

like a little shack
built with floss 
and discarded
board games.  
Floss used by a
near toothless man who
lives on ballpark cigars
and fava beans.

The little shack dances.
Oh how the little shack dances
buffeted by wind in a field of 
corn and despairing scarecrows as
you dance only with your inner mind
where feet are many and frog-like
and you and an old Ravi Shankar
record can be alone.

I thought today was 
going to be the day
but it was another.

Rupert Wondolowski is the author of The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit (Publishing Genius Press), The Whispering of Ice Cubes (Shattered Wig Press) and a few others. His work has appeared in The i.e. Series Reader, City Sages, Lamination Colony, Spout, Murdaland, Lost & Found Times, Blades, Mud Luscious Stamp Stories, Rampike, Zeilensprung and other publications.  He is the editor of Shattered Wig Press. He is in the film, "60 Writers/60 Places.”