Mark Gurarie

Resistant Is Futile Learns a Few Important Lessons About Show Business

In time, the camera work you do for us
will boldly explain your tentacled desires. 

This vacuous is insufficiently lit.
What arc can you build of such fibers? 

The dialogue is superficially molded to find quality.
Did you not too find the characters unlikable?

Days of our foam operas display at least excessive emotion,  
broadcast throughout the greater metropolitan hive. 

You mistake us for your favorite segment,
your favorite jazz fuses to this elevator of licks. 

We expose an uglier violence should photographs 
be shaken of us. What happens in Valhalla stays  

in Valhalla. Your King shall lose
150 lbs. and still be considered fat.

Mark Gurarie is a recent graduate of the New School's MFA program and resides in Brooklyn, New York. His poems have appeared in Spot Lit, The 16th & Mission Review, and The Case Reserve Review. In addition, he has a blog:

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