Micah Cash

Maybe Tomorrow // Return // Lowcountry

These images are from a series of paintings entitled Substance. They are a visual representation of the search for transcendence. While emotive in nature, the successive layering of pigment, drips and glazes allows one to contemplate the common threads of human experience and how they shape us as individuals, such as the acceptance of our weaknesses and burdens, the overcoming and resolution of guilt, coming to terms with our heritage and past, and the search for higher meaning and comfort. These paintings speak about the importance of internal experience, and the positive aspects of self awareness. Oil on canvas. Visit Micah's website at

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  1. Micah, very interesting work, different than where I last seen your work in SC. I like these man. "Return" in particular. Have you ever looked at Hiro Yokose.

    Hope you are well.

    Michael Cassidy