Becky Slemmons

Gatherings is a art project that began on Sept. 5, 2010—an assignment I have given myself. It goes like this: I will attend different places of worship (two or more each week, as long as it takes to reach my goal of 100), choosing from Pittsburgh’s pool of 3000 temples, churches, synagogues and mosques. I have made a white dress. I wear this dress to every worship place visit. In response to each experience (in my own studio between visits), I add pieces of fabric and/or embroidery to the dress; with my accumulation of experiences, it grows and changes in appearance. I will create a page of drawings during each visit and document gatherings with photographs, off-site video and this blog: At project's end, I will exhibit the work.

Through my work, I wish to question whether the ritual of art-making and the spiritual ritual are not at odds. I also wish to raise an awareness of and hope for tolerance.

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