Kathryn Regina

from As I Said

A girl chased a porcupine
up a tree that grew taller and taller
I want those quills she said
but what do you think was up there?

A frog carried the sun above the water

She chased the porcupine so long she forgot
about the ground and then she was somewhere else

A prince and princess were in two different towers
and the wind pushed them together
Some people believe in God but it's not good
to focus on one thing like a dream
with only one person in it

That frog swam for hours to find the sun and it was heavy
A line is forming at the gate

This poem is an excerpt from As I Said, a series that was published in Chapbook Genius in 2008. For more from Kathryn Regina, check out her website, This Is Not Poetry.

November 2010 marks four years of PGP, and Everyday Genius is marking the occasion all month by publishing work from its archives as well as IsReads, Chapbook Genius and excerpts from some of PGP's books.

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