Elizabeth P. Glixman

Mother & Son Conversation

Jimmi Jimmi Jimmmmiiiiii Hendricks, are you there?
It is your mother calling.
I can’t see a thing in this purple haze, Momma..
What did you slip into your Momma’s drink, Jimmi
Jimmmmiiii Hendrickkkkkks ricks ricks

This piece appeared first in IsReads issue 5. Elizabeth P. Glixman’s fiction and poetry have appeared in many publications including In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, 3 A.M. Magazine, Frigg, and Tough Times Companion, a publication of The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Her first chapbook A White Girl Lynching was published by Pudding House Press in 2008.

November 2010 marks four years of PGP, and Everyday Genius is marking the occasion all month by publishing work from its archives as well as IsReads, Chapbook Genius and excerpts from some of PGP's books.

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