Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch

Boom Box

A: I was lucky to have my calm train-ride interrupted by a breakdancing duo—a boy about ten and a man near thirty. They joined at the head and rolled around like a wheel. Have you ever seen this? Does that make sense?

J: I could I . . .

A: You should . . .

J: can picture it. So they became a . . .

A: They combined . . .

J: firm unit.

A: [Muffled] five rotations, or . . .

J: Landing on their feet.

A: revolutions. Landing? They rolled.

J: No I can’t imagine.

A: It was truly inconceivable. On the fifth roll the kid sprung and caught a subway-car railing and shouted Yes! At one point he’d flipped and banged his head on the um subway ceiling, but never lost composure. The train filled with applause as we pulled into First.

Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch's book 10 Walks/2 Talks is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse. Their work can be found in Denver Quarterly, LIT and Paper Monument.

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