Gregory Sherl


church church church
republican church republican cattle
standing next to tumbleweeds republicans in church don’t drink the kool-aid in church republicans eating cattle
in church
fucking tex-mex man so fucking good
     tex-mex god tex-mex church tex-mex tumbleweeds
tex-mex in republicans tex-mex on cows
fucking bugs man so fucking big
church nothing church full of nothings
feed the bugs kool-aid watch them float
     to the stars
stars are drugged bugs from texas
fucking stars man so fucking many
feed the republicans cattle
     in church watch them
fucking cattle man so fucking cute
     with their horns their whole skulls mantled on stucco walls.

Gregory Sherl has work published or forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review, The Summerset Review, decomP, and Open Face Sandwich. He is an MFA Candidate at Florida Atlantic University, where he was awarded The Lawrence Sanders Fellowship.

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