John Madera

Beside a Ruin Nests the Eccentric

My hand met a glutinous paste, a jelly (from a toddler’s grubby hands, I thought), on a cozy length of cold steel pipe, the same rail my hand slid down every night after work. It was not. Perfunctory light revealed a glob of phosphorescent phlegm. Rail obliges mucus. Hand obliges rail.

I did not wipe it off. I watched it wedge into the webbing between my index and middle and ring fingers. Dorsal surface downward, I allowed it to dry: the novel narrative embedding hand. By the time my ride arrived, a calcareous cake flaked flurriedly onto my faux-croc shoe.

I was shaped like a pear. I walked with a cane. I took many breaks when I walked.

Entering a public restroom I always chose the unflushed urinal. My urine, mixed in, made the pool darker, changed it from a light beery hue to warm amber, from halfhearted lemonade into raw honey. Sometimes I found a pool murky from several anonymous streams, its color a rich malt. I would smile then. When I smiled, my face became a face. But usually all of the urinals were flushed. So I would begin one of my own pools.

Perhaps some of the unflushed urinals were the ones that I began. I don’t dwell on it. This is not territorialization. It’s a coloring book.

After I scratched my head, I remembered the dried phlegm. I was not alarmed. I did not wash the caked mucus from my hand or hair when I arrived home. After a shower dies the desert.

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