MG Martin

my dear face

the days become desperate
the trees grow lungs
& breathe their own air
to empty themselves of song
they are desperate for the time
before animal when earth
was only full of air
basically i love you difficult
like trying to kill
a velociraptor in the snow
like owning a piece of sky & pulling
thunder from the trunk of your body
far out in the ocean is a boat
with an anchor too short to succeed
you are the warm heat on the face of child
far out in the future is a dying me
with only one regret to have lived like smoke
inside of your closed fist
inside of a glass shoe filled with sunlight
inside of the other side of sunlight
the inside parts of my veins are the temperature
& color of anticipation of exploded deer
i am thinking tree & searching for your mouth
i am thinking snow & bleeding your sap
there is no complex solution
to remove splinters from your lungs
open your chest with me touch the inside
use this rope to attach the face
of a deer to the face
of my face use this rope to climb
all over me like i am cliff in ruins

M.G. Martin is the author of One For None (Ink.) His work has appeared or is forthcoming from iO, Greying Ghost Press, Leveler, Hobart, and ZYZZYVA, among others. M.G. lives in Seoul, Korea with the poet: Tess Patalano, and the dog: Ihu. He recently channeled Sun Ra and make word/sounds called: Lanquidity. Find him: here and here.

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